Yahoo! Mail Issue Resolved

Sunday, April 09, 2006

As mentioned in a previous post, I had some significant issues getting Yahoo! Mail up and running. The issue is now resolved. For the record, I believe that the issue stemmed from the fact that I established my Yahoo! ID back in 1995 (or thereabouts) and did not sign up for mail service on the ID at the time. I did not really want to establish a new ID for the test. Anyway, here's the scoop:

  • February 25th: Original ticket submitted
  • February 27th: Stock answer that the problem is temporary, and maybe I should click refresh on my browser. Not sure why it took two days for what an autoresponder could have done, but whatever. Responded that I tried IE and Firefox, logged out, logged in, etc., etc.
  • February 28th: Received response that they are looking into the issue.
  • March 5th: Responded to Yahoo! asking for an update. Received response that they're still working on it.
  • March 22nd: Responded to Yahoo! asking for an update.
  • March 29th: After a full week, I received a message saying "the issue may have been transient and appears to be resolved now". My conclusion at this point - Yahoo! did not actually look into the issue over the entire month. I'm basically back at "please hit refresh".
  • April 1st: Hadn't checked into my email, so I read the March 29th message and responded with "This is not yet resolved."
  • April 2nd: Finally I seem to get someone's attention. They ask me for a bunch of account details (not sure why they need this, but they're finally looking at my account setup rather than assuming I'm reporting a general server outage).
  • April 3rd: Respond with account details
  • April 3rd: Yahoo! replies to my response asking for account details. After a month of back and forth blaming me for not hitting refresh, now they prove they can't even read.
  • April 4th: I send my reply "I already did. Please see original message below"
  • April 6th: Michelle replies to me stating a definitive, "We have completed our investigation of the issue you reported, and were able to identify the cause and take corrective mesaures to address it...". This sounds positive!
  • April 7th: I verify that I now have a Yahoo! mail account and can log in. I send a "It's resolved - thank you!".
The entire time I had hoped to actually call them so I could convince someone on the phone that this is an account issue, not a server issue, but alas, no support phone numbers were to be found. I actually considered walking to their offices near Kelly's work either to explain the situation, strangle someone, or both.

Anyway, in a record 7 weeks, Yahoo! was able to fix my problem. One good thing in all this is that Yahoo! sent me a survey after nearly every response. I sent some very strong messages in both the scores and the write in comments. I hope they read them.


Paul said...

So you actually expect to get good support from a free email service?

Is it realistic to expect good service from this category of service?

I'm not advocating that Yahoo has stellar support or that 7 weeks should be a new normal, but these are "AS IS" / use at own risk type offerings. Gmail is the same way, just that they toss a Beta badge in with the name.

I've actually been using Yahoo Mail since it's beta days and have had relatively good experience with it.

...then again I've never had to contact customer support.

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