Is it really that much to ask for?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So I've been keeping my eyes open for a cheap but somewhat flexible NAS solution. Quick rundown of my requirements:

  • Stores data
  • Allows always ready backup (usually this translates to RAID 1 mirroring)
  • Allows connection via SMB, so I don't have to install software from a hardware manufacturer (this is my best known method for not getting weird errors)
  • Plugs into wired Ethernet
  • Expandable
  • Free (or at least cheap)
The other day I ran across what appears to be such a device, from a company called SimpleTech. Now, what's amazing to me is that there is very little competition for this. I did manage to find something very close from Buffalo Technology, and it may even be better as it does support streaming media. However, it's backup strategy is a scheduled backup rather than RAID 1 (which might be just fine).

Other products tend to be a couple hundred dollars more expensive and include a bunch of stuff that is nice, but not necessary to a consumer, or in my opinion, to a small business (<10 employees, probably retail, not a lot of discretionary funds). I'm going to give it a little time and then go get the Buffalo or SimpleTech.

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