Bookmark nirvana

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm finally getting bookmarks under control, and I can't believe how much better life is. When you use Internet Explorer for stuff that doesn't like Firefox (and for most things work-related), and Firefox for normal browsing, and you have multiple computers, things get pretty unweildy. Now, thanks to Google, my problem is mostly solved.

There are several bookmark managers out there, but only Google Bookmarks seems to have solved my main problem and has support for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Here are the caveats:

  1. Internet explorer support is through a beta version of the Google toolbar
  2. The Google toolbar for Firefox is still back a few revisions, so I need a third party firefox extension to support it.
  3. Maxthon, the software I use to get Internet Explorer in tabs until IE 7 comes out, doesn't support the google toolbar, and there's no good addon for Maxthon directly. I'm starting to use IE (without Maxthon) a fair amount now, and it's the one big downside to this bookmark thing.

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