Election results

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Interesting day. Looks like the results are in, and democrats are taking control of at least the house. Call me cynical, but having different parties in control of different branches is my best case scenario. Gridlock is great...do we really want government messing things up more?

In Oregon, it looks like everything is going to the democrats, so I don't get my gridlock. I guess you win some and lose some.

My favorite story of the day: Oregonians didn't understand the assignment. Measures 46 and 47 in Oregon were dedicated to campaign finance reform, and were dependent on each other. Either they both needed to pass or nothing would happen. Well, measure 46 failed while measure 47 passed. The results weren't even that close on either race.

Lastly, it looks like we'll pass a $195M bond measure for local schools. Kathryn voiced her support of that!

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