Software I install

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I've been working on this list for some time, and now I think it's finally near comprehensive. This is the full list of software I install. Software is organized by category, where:

  • Basic software gets installed on any machine
  • Home software gets installed at home
  • Development software gets installed on any machine whenever I need it
  • Business software gets installed on my work laptop
  • Server software is installed on my home server (expected to be up 24x7)
  • Portable software runs directly from my USB key
  • Portable - Development software is used for development from my USB key
Make sure to check out the other sheets in the spreadsheet. They include:
  • Resources to find good tools
  • Firefox addins (there's no good way I know of to simply install a large number of addins, which would be nice for initial install)
  • Configuration Options, which describes how I configure the various OS and application options (it would be nice to optimize this). I don't have that list built yet, but hope to soon.
  • Software I've used in the past and have removed for one reason or another. Interesting trip down memory lane for me, but I thought keeping the list would be good for others who might want to avoid some of the items on that list
I've also setup (but not tested) two InstallPad files to help streamline install of several of these applications. These are items from my Basic category and items from the Home and Development categories.

I'll keep the list updated and current, and when I do an initial install, I'm sure the Installpad files will get tested and the list updated with stuff I've missed. Here's the URL again for reference:

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