Dual monitor setup

Friday, April 27, 2007

I just changed offices and so I've taken the opportunity to try out a new monitor setup. My primary machine is a laptop and I have a external monitor, so I've always enjoyed the extra real estate of an extended desktop, at least when I'm in the office. However, I was finding the setup of limited use the way I had it, with my monitor above the laptop. After moving to the new office, I put the monitor to the (left) side of the notebook, and now on day 2 I'm finding it to be very comfortable and useful. Biggest downside so far is that it's on the left side, so I almost expect it to be the primary monitor (I assume this is my cultural expectation since I read left to right). I'd rather have it on the left for other reasons, and I don't want it to be considered the primary to make it easier to dock/undock the laptop without running.

Just a quick Friday rambling...

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