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Monday, September 25, 2006

I usually try to refrain from posting work-related stuff since you quickly start riding a fine line for what content is acceptable, but today I'll go ahead. We are (still) in the middle of our "restructuring" (a.k.a. 10% downsizing). Quick update from my seat of visibility:

  • April - first "efficiency" announcement internally and to wall street. Announced to complete in 90 days (August).
  • June/July timeframe: Number of "redeployments" affected several groups. A few friends of mine were affected by this. Since this was the first action, everyone I know was able to find another job inside Intel.
  • July: 1000 Manager reduction. My manager and my 3rd level manager were both laid off.
  • August: Announcement that analysis was complete on time, but execution on that analysis would take until the end of the year. Redeployments would occur in September.
  • September: Redeployments will occur WW39 for managers and WW40 for other employees. In normal terms, WW39 is the week beginning September 25th and WW40 is the week beginning October 2nd.
  • Last week: My admin was "redeployed" and I'm told that our group will have a 20% reduction. Another group I work closely with will have a 75% reduction.
I'll keep a lot of my analysis of this to myself for the time being, but will mention that a redeployment at Intel means that you are given several months where your job at Intel is literally to find another job at Intel using our internal system. Alternatively, you can opt to leave immediately and take a severance payment. There are some internal positions open, but not many, so a redeployment effectively means a lay off right now.

For those reading that think that the process is very long, I agree, but will offer that it appears as though management is trying to work the logistics of the process in such a way as to make sure that people that are affected are eligible for a few bonuses. If true, that's a nice silver lining to this particular cloud.

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