21 hours and counting

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

That's how long it's been since:

  1. A router reboot
  2. An IP address change on Verizon
I found out the other day that the reason my IP address kept changing (and subsequently knocking me off the phone), was that I didn't have Verizon's VDI-624 router as the first router in my setup. The VDI-624 is the same as a DI-624 router from DLink but has specialized firmware for Verizon. The interface looks the same, but they must truly have done something different to it.

Anyway, after fixing the IP address change problem, my old problem of router reboots came back. I run both eMule and Bittorrent, and so I have an insane number of connections open. For some odd reason, the router could handle the connections when my Vonage router was closest to the Internet (even though it was in the Vonage router's DMZ), but not when the VDI-624 is closest to the Internet. Odd. I didn't really need Bittorrent running so I shut it down completely and all is well, although it would be nice to have everything running, so maybe I'll play with it another day. Not today. Today, everything is working as designed. That's a good thing.

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