IE7 Failed Experiment

Monday, November 13, 2006

With the recent production release of Internet Explorer 7, I thought it was time to revisit my default browser decision. I've been fairly happy with Firefox, but have had a few annoyances:

  1. Copy/paste of HTML tables into applications (Microsoft Word and Excel) doesn't work nearly as well as with IE
  2. Proxy changes don't happen without at least an extra trip to the options. To be fair, IE 6 didn't handle it at all, but since the browser lacked tabs, starting a new instance wasn't a difficulty
  3. Some internal web sites designed the authentication in a manner that required another click to get in
  4. When printing, some pages arrive with parts chopped off from the right
  5. Some web sites (e.g. Wachovia) would break randomly for no apparent reason. Sometimes they would work, sometimes not
Well, I installed IE7 and it seemed ok. I found a mouse gesture plugin to compensate for the lack of something built in. I tried setting it as my default browser, but after using it a bit I had it crash a couple times. The session manager built in apparently assumes this will never happen, because not once did it restore my session from a crash, which is something that I've had for over a year in Firefox via the Tab Mix Plus extension.

Other than the fatal flaw, I agree wholeheartedly with the review of IE7. Firefox remains my default browser.

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