Interesting conclusion...where did that come from?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I was surprised to see a stock I own (INPC) on this list today:
Russell 3000's Best and Worst Performing Stocks: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

It says YTD performance for INPC is 279%. I'm not sure how they get that...the closest that I find is a 140% gain if you bought at the 52 week low (5.02) and sold at the 52 week high (12.07). I don't want to call them a liar or anything, but if YTD is defined as Jan 1 (8.76) to today(11.38), that is a 30% gain. If you bought when I did, you're still down about 20% but a lot happier than when the stock was at $5/share.

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