Password safe and folder share

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I recently installed both password safe and foldershare, with the intention of using them together to:

  • Maintain my passwords in a more secure way (password safe)
  • Have a copy of the passwords synced on the computers I use (foldershare)
The solution works great, and is highly recommended. Foldershare is blocked at work, but my password file doesn't get changed too frequently, so I'm ok with it. Prior to finding foldershare, I actually started coding my own solution - this was a great find, and I can't wait to see what Microsoft does with it post-acquisition.


Swiftus said...

I've been using FolderShare for a while (probably over a year now -- maybe even longer). The technology was embedded into MSN Messenger Sharing Folder functionality.

Steve Smith said...

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